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Soft Washing Specialists

Soft Washing Specialists

We're proud to be the choice of local home and business owners for pressure washing services! When you need the best pressure washing company in town, you need service from our local experts. We offer the high quality caliber of service your prized property deserves.

Our team is comprised of soft washing specialists who know exactly how to get every pressure washing project done completely and correctly. You can count on us to get the job done right every time!

Highly Trained and Experienced Pressure Washing Professionals

We pride ourselves on having a highly trained staff that can expertly cater to all of your property's pressure washing needs.Give us a call at 225-938-0761 to schedule your pressure washing appointment with our team of highly-trained and experienced experts at Veteran Preaux Wash today! We look forward to hearing from you soon and being able to provide your property with the high-level care it deserves, being your most valuable investment.

Cleaning Every Part of Your Property

Our professionals know what we're doing when it comes to pressure washing in Baton Rouge. No matter what material an aspect of your property is made of, we can clean it safely and effectively. There's no limit to what we can sanitize.

Soft Washing and Pressure Washing

We use soft washing and high-intensity pressure washing techniques to clean every part of your property in the best possible way. Some materials on your property require low or no-pressure washing techniques, as well as you need pressure washing solutions and equipment. We're able to implement all the best types of sanitizing methods available in the industry a wide range of techniques that can cater to any material on your property.

Better Than DIY Pressure Washing

Since our soft washing professionals are well versed in the best ways to care for the property you love, we're able to provide you with a damage-free clean. If you rely on DIY methods, you risk damaging the property you are proud of. Take on pressure washing projects yourself and you could end up paying for expensive repairs or replacements on your property.

The best choice on the table is to rely on our staff of experienced pressure washing specialists instead! We're here to earn your return business and referrals by providing you with truly outstanding services. Bring us out to your property for residential pressure washing and commercial pressure washing services so that you never have to risk taking on the job yourself.